Sing at Ashby BART station

How can we keep from singing?? We didn’t!

30 strong peaceful voices rang out in Montgomery BART station, and Singing for Us All was born!

In response to the election results and ongoing turmoil, Ocupella and other singers are creating a public musical gathering for those who want to act in a positive and powerful way in response to the new era in our country. The long and noble tradition of song fueling social movements lives on, and will live on. We hope you will want to be part of it.

Our next “Singing For Us All” will be Wednesday evening, November 30, 4:45-6 PM at Ashby BART. ALL VOICES ARE WELCOME! Lyrics provided.

SIGNAGE: Our preference is to focus on what we stand for, what sustains us, enduring values and human capacities.We prefer not to have ANY mention of Donald Trump,in signs or songs. He has had more than enough air time already.

Our December Singing For Us All dates are:
Fridays, Dec 9, 16, 4:45-6 PM Locations TBA

This announcement came by way of Betsy Rose and the SF Labor Chorus.


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