Why we sing together

In response to divisive U.S. politics, we want more harmony and community in our lives. Music-making leads to harmony, and builds community!

Join us online

We sing every Sunday from 2-4 p.m. using the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Doug sends out the Zoom invitation about 24 hours before the singing.

We mostly sing from our online songbook hosted on Google Drive, which now has 100+ PDF song sheets. When Doug sends you a Zoom invitation, there’s also a link to the online songbook. One person keeps the list of whose turn it is to lead. When it’s your turn to lead, you say which song from the online songbook you’d like to sing, then the person who’s screen sharing brings that PDF up on the screen for everyone to sing from — then everyone mutes themselves, and you lead the song. If you don’t feel comfortable leading a song, you can ask someone else to lead it, and if someone knows the song they will lead it for you.

People who lead songs can accompany themselves with guitar, ukulele, piano, etc., or they can sing a capella. Our musical skills range all over the place from rank amateur, to performance-ready (most of us are in the middle somewhere).

If you want to sing a song that’s not in our songbook, please upload a PDF to the Google Drive song book, in advance the singing. Eric and Doug can also sometimes find your chosen song on one of the online lyrics sites such as Ultimate Guitar; just be aware that it might not be exactly the lyrics you remember.

Hope you can join us!

And tell all your singing and picking friends to come, too!